Potential Breast Cancer Treatment with Arimidex

Arimidex decreases the levels of estrogen in postmenopausal women. As a result, the medication slows down the development and expansion of specific types of breast tumors that require estrogen for further growth. Arimidex is usually prescribed as a breast cancer treatment, even though it may also be used off-label for the improvement of other conditions. Contact your medical specialist before you administer Arimidex as part of cancer treatment or for other purposes. Make sure the drug is fully safe for your health, and the therapy will not result in devastating complications or side effects. 

Precautions and Restrictions for the Use of Arimidex

Similar to other cancer remedies, Arimidex promotes a significant influence on the human body, speeding up some processes and restricting others. Therefore, it is inevitable to check all the restrictions and contraindications before the beginning of the therapy. 

You should not take Arimidex in case you are sensitive to its ingredients or similar pharmaceuticals. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not start the treatment course with Arimidex, as its components may harm the health of an unborn or nursing child. Keep in mind that Arimidex is recommended only for postmenopausal patients, so do not take the remedy if you haven’t completed menopause. The drug is not approved for children and men. 

Although postmenopausal women are not likely to have children, your doctor may require a negative pregnancy test before you start the therapy. Use effective contraceptives in case you take the drug off-label for the treatment of other conditions. Arimidex may also reduce bone mineral density, which enhances the risk of osteoporosis and similar diseases. Your doctor may advise you to test bone mineral density during the treatment course. 

Inform the health care provider about other ailments you have and the conditions you are diagnosed with. Some disorders may aggravate because of the influence of Arimidex. An individual dosage and intake recommendations may be necessary for patients who suffer from:

  • Increased cholesterol level;
  • Blood circulation issues;
  • Heart-related conditions;
  • Blood clots;
  • Low density of bone mineral;
  • Osteoporosis and others. 

How to Administer Arimidex without Risks for Health

Do not start the treatment course with Arimidex unless your doctor recommends you to. A proper prescription, individual instructions, and safety precautions may help you prevent complications and reduce the potential risks of adverse reactions. 

Arimidex should be used daily, following the directions of your doctor. Do not increase or decrease the dosage or duration of the therapy, as it may limit the improvements of the condition, and activate severe reactions, instead. The medication can be taken with and without food. The length of the treatment course depends on numerous factors, such as the overall health state of the patient, severity of treated conditions, underlying or accompanying disorders, and medications you use. Discuss details of the therapy with a qualified medical specialist. The treatment course may last up to 5 years. 

Arimidex Interactions

The effectiveness of the drug may also vary, depending on its combinations with other remedies. Arimidex may not promote the necessary effect if taken with estrogen treatments, especially birth control tablets, injections, skin patches or implants, estrogen creams, hormone replacement therapy, etc. Inform your doctor about all the prescription and generic treatments, herbal products, vitamins, and supplements you are currently using. Some of them may affect the effectiveness of breast cancer therapy with Arimidex. 

Side Effects

Immediate medical assistance is necessary for patients who experience serious health problems and aggravating symptoms during the treatment course with Arimidex. Hives, swelling, breathing disorders, and itching are the primary symptoms of a life-threatening allergic reaction.

 Contact your doctor if you have noticed any severe issues, including:

  • Unexpected weight gain, shortness of breath, swelling, bone fracture;
  • Nausea, itching, upper stomach pain, dark urine, jaundice, or similar signs of liver problems;
  • Symptoms of skin reaction, such as swelling of the face, sore throat, fever, skin pain, and others;
  • Stroke.

Common side effects caused by Arimidex intake may include:

  • Joint stiffness or pain;
  • Hot flashes, or weakness;
  • Mild rash;
  • Depression, insomnia, mood changes;
  • Headache, sore throat, bone pain;
  • Swelling in feet or ankles;
  • Mild rash, etc. 
Affordable Online Shopping for Arimidex

While online shopping for medications is a routine experience for many customers, it is completely new for others. Generally, it is completely safe to purchase treatments online, but only in case a patient considers several vital factors. First of all, if you buy Arimidex in an online pharmacy, make sure you can get an online consultation with a professional medical specialist. Additionally, learning reviews and feedback from previous customers may decrease the risk of cooperation with scam or fake platforms. Contact the support team to get recommendations about dosing and duration of the treatment course, as well as other safety restrictions. Safe Arimidex tablets, convenient experience, affordable cost, fast delivery, 24/7 support, and many other features make online shopping a beneficial option.